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A Portrait of Wartime Fashion in the Monet Dress.

The launch of Fashion on the Ration at the Imperial War Museum, London and the flutter of the recent sunshine inspired me to collaborate styles on today's outfit.

Fashion on the Ration launched on the first   weekend of March and showcases staple outfits through World War 2 in Britain and how women would lend, mend and hand stitch garments to stay looking glam through such a hard pressed few years.

As soon as I saw the material of the Monet dress I instantly thought of the casual day dresses of the 40s and even the blouses and two piece suits you would often catch the land girls and other working women wearing. This also inspired my pin curls and head scarf.. Believe it or not, this one is from a set of juggling scarves I found on eBay, cheap as chips and I now have every colour under the sun.



The shape of the dress though gives a smarter look, much like the smart 40s daywear you often find Miss Von Teese in.


The tulip skirt is flattering yet forgiving if you're out to a big lunch, the skirt fell just under my knee (I am 5'6" and wearing a 1.5 inch heel) and the thick waistband is great for showing off or even faking an hourglass figure. I'm a bit arm phobic so the ruched sleeves and pleated neckline mean your being conservative while accentuating all your good bits.




You may have been able to tell from previous posts that I love colour and I hate ironing! This is another iron-free dress if hung right, and the lovely flowers hide any sudden wrinkles that may appear. There is a collection of oranges, creams, greens, browns and of course navies within the dress, but as you can see, you can match any contrasting colours, such as yellow or pink! I can't wait to wear it again with my pink chiffon scarf and white peep toe flats!

I think I'm such a big fan of patterned materials as it means you can get your wear out of it by creating a new look every time by switching up your shoes and accessories. The Monet is also suited to the office, throw over your blazer and your black tights and sensible shoes and you're sorted!


In the meantime, though, get yourself down to the Imperial War Museum for some inspiration and grab your sun brolly just like Dita! Chances are though you'll probably need it more for the rain!!

Dolly x

A Portrait of Wartime Fashion in the Monet Dress.
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