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Play the Charismatic Kitty this Halloween season…
Now, I am a massive fan of fancy dress, but I’ve found myself with no real party plans this year (sad face). I have however been asked along to some drinks and catch up around the surrounding dates, so I have hatched up a plan to bring along some feline fun without having to turn up in a full on furry one side, complete with paws and a tale.

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   Shopping for any animal print is always a bit tricky I think as you have to be careful you don’t end up looking like Kat Slater (no offense soap fans, but I’m sure a leopard dress from Walford Market would only cheapen your look). The Kitty dress has a smaller print, and is broken up by the delicate lace shoulders so it’s subtly sexy and shows off your figure without having to reveal too much skin.

I kept expenses down to a minimum for this look, year after year you spend on Halloween only to leave the costumes to get dusty in storage, but choosing a dress you can wear again and again means you get every pennies worth.



The pom pom head band gave me some soft kitty ears and were a steal for a pound in the Topshop sale. My seamed hold ups were under a tenner from Deadly is the Female online. My earrings are a very old H&M purchase. My cat eye liner is Collection 2000(£2.99!!) and I am lucky enough to say the heels (Lipsy) were a gift from my mother, and the satin dress gloves were my Grandmas. All in all, I just had to treat myself to the dress. The accessories really are all around you –I even contemplated cutting the sleeve off an old black jumper to use as a tale!/image/2/1/1/1/0/2111028/00728630.png


The Kitty dress is set to be a staple item in my wardrobe for years to come, and with the winter nights drawing in 
I shall be vamping up weekends with this little baby. 
Another item I had my eye on was the Edwina Lace Dress .. Think Morticia or Elvira 

Trick or Treat x
Play the Charismatic Kitty this Halloween season…
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