What is FSC Viscose?

First of all, what is viscose? 

Viscose, or you may also know it as Rayon, is made from natural sources such as wood pulp. This material is then dissolved into a chemical solution to produce a substance which then can be spun into fibres to make threads. Viscose is often used as an alternative to cotton or polyester and a cheaper, more durable alternative to silk. It creates a beautiful drape and has a lustrous feel. FSC Certified Viscose is created from sustainable sources. The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification is a world-recognised standard and ensures wood comes from sustainably managed forests and is socially and economically viable. 

Why can ordinary viscose be a problem?

Viscose is a plant-based fibre, so it's not inherently polluting or toxic. However, due to the fast fashion industry, most of it is manufactured cheaply to keep up with demand. This includes using large amounts of water and chemicals that have devastating impacts on the environment, workers and local communities.
Since viscose is made from wood pulp, the production of the material is leading to large amounts of deforestation. This includes the destruction of endangered and ancient forests to make way for viscose production.

Who are the FSC, and how can we produce sustainable viscose?

FSC viscose makes sure that the pulp sourced to create viscose are not from endangered forests. Therefore, it's sourced responsibly from controlled plantations, with rules and regulations laid down by the FSC.

We want to be fully transparent with you,  so here is our certificate  shows we use FSC certified viscose at our factory. 

Fashion is one of the biggest industries in the world but also the most damaging. At Weekend Doll, we want to improve our social and environmentally responsibility by providing high-quality, beautiful clothes for you, using sustainable practices at every stage of production.