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From Greek Goddess to 50s Prom Princess – The Gillian dress has got every event covered!
After a heavy week of work parties, coffee mornings and food centric meetings I was feeling nervous about squeezing into my Gillian dress for a Sunday lunch. Obviously every girl wants to feel her best before putting a frock on, and the last thing I wanted was to bust a zip whilst reaching for that last roast potato. To my surprise though, the dress still fit perfectly and was as flattering as ever. I do sometimes struggle as I am a size 10 but have a larger chest, so often have to go a size up and sacrifice a fitted waist, and I’m sure we can all agree a baggy waist is not so good! Not to fret though, this dress seems to be magic, the gathered sweetheart neckline gives a shapely bust and cinched in waist for any figure, and the delicate capped sleeves and flowing skirt give confidence toanyone scared of getting their arms or legs out (guilty!!)

I was having a day off from lippy so went for the Grecian look, with a nude lip gloss and ivory hair flower to compliment my day old hair up do. I literally grabbed my hair to one side and rolled it up with a couple of grips and nestled the flower on top of the roll, any loose strands that fell out were very much welcome.

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I of course opted for a heel (these are one of the few pairs I could spend an entire day on), my trusty KGs have a summery look but also add a vintage twist that I am so used to. Of course this Grecian look would look just as fab with some gold or cream flats or sandals.


I think my favourite thing about the Gillian dress was the mix of materials, the chiffon skirt makes you feel like you’re floating and the crocheted arms and back are ever so elegant and can dress up any occasion. Throughout the day my mind started to wonder though, what other looks could I get out of this one dress – a girl likes to get her money’s worth!! I’d already established Greek look, whether it be in heels at a party or in flats on the beach. I also thought you could rock the Gillian to work, black tights, black court heels and fitted blazer? Perfect! But my favourite look that popped into my head was 1950s inspired (my favourite era!), and I couldn’t help but play dress up when I got home.. I donned an underskirt, red lippy, my grandma’s dress gloves, some vintage pearls, a parasol and popped a quick victory roll in my hair, and Bob’s your uncle you’ve got yourself a 1950’s prom outfit! 


/image/2/1/1/1/0/2111028/00718117.png  /image/2/1/1/1/0/2111028/00718120.png

Any dress you can wear a petticoat with is a winner in my book!

From Greek Goddess to 50s Prom Princess – The Gillian dress has got every event covered!
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