Our brilliant Bette: the midi skirt worthy of the silver screen

Our brilliant Bette: the midi skirt worthy of the silver screen

As classic and classy as its namesake actress, the Bette Midi skirt harks back to an age of elegance and glamour. Just as popular as it was in its heyday, the midi skirt is perfect for any occasion.  Inspired by the traditional midi skirts of the 1930s, the Bette should be a staple in every vintage lover and kitsch kitten’s wardrobe. 


A little history on the skirts of the 1930s 

Despite the frivolity and fun of the 1920s, the fashion of the 30s was focused on practicality as well as glamour. In the wake of the Wall Street Crash, hemlines dropped below the knee and the waistband rose to sit just above the natural waist. This modest style was flattering and functional, but still feminine, with the nipped waist and slightly flared hem highlighting the curves of its wearer. 

Style at the time, especially ready-to-wear designs, took heavy inspiration from Hollywood. Films, actresses and costumes inspired the wardrobes of everyday women and the popular styles of the time reflected that. Just as the summer of 2023 saw Greta Gerwig's Barbie movie dominate the fashion scene, blockbusters such as Gone with the Wind and The Wizard of Oz influenced trends of the 1930s. 



The decade wasn’t just about the movies though. Women’s fashion was also impacted by the move of more women into the workplace, meaning clothes had to be as wearable and functional as they were feminine  and flattering. 

Our Bette Midi skirt embodies all this. Recreated for the modern, Weekend Doll woman who is also a hard worker and stylish individual, the Bette Midi skirt falls just under the knee in a beautiful heavy crepe fabric- allowing for movement, a subtle swing and a perfectly dropped silhouette. As was often traditional with vintage garments, the Bette is produced to be a bit larger and then pinned perfectly to each wearer’s fabulous and individual figure, creating that flared hem and petal-like silhouette that defined the decade.  

The skirt is also lined halfway, giving warmth, durability and a style that will sit perfectly on anyone. 

As is key to all our work at Weekend Doll, as well as our lovely customers, the Bette Midi is of the highest quality and sustainably made, in line with the slow fashion of the 30s. 

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Styling the Bette Midi 

A vintage classic, the Bette Midi can be worn in a variety of ways. It can be workwear, evening wear or even weekend attire. 

Ooze retro refinement by pairing the Bette Midi with our equally sumptuous Grace Wrap blouse, a delicate pair of kitten heels, dainty jewels and a beret (which you can read how to style Here) for a glamorous weekend outfit. 

Vintage Inspired Midi Skirt Autumn Outfit | 1930s and 40s style


But this skirt is really the perfect companion for anything - from a casual cardi to a fantastically embellished shirt. 

Or for a more 21st century spin, using pieces everyone will already have tucked away in their wardrobe, try the Bette Midi with a boxy t-shirt, oversized blazer (if it’s vintage or second hand, even better) and some chunky block heels. 



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