Garment Care Guide

Lenzing Ecovera Viscose 

EcoVera viscose is a sustainable and more planet-friendly option to traditional viscose. Made from specially processed wood pulp, the fibre is sustainable, biodegradable and far more gentle on the skin than traditional synthetic fibres. The wood used to make this fibre is sourced from responsibly managed forests and thus is renewable and much kinder to the environment. It also has 50% lower water impact and at least 50% lower CO2 emissions.


Viscose has a tendency to shrink on contact with water, but with the proper care, it will last for years, springing back into its original shape with a little ironing. Our EcoVera viscose is environmentally conscious, biodegradable and renewable. 

We recommend you hand wash to maintain the quality of the fibre.

Care instructions 

  • Gently hand wash in cold water with a mild detergent.
  • After rinsing, roll up the garment like a beach towel and squeeze out the excess water as much as you can (do not wring out). Alternatively if you must, put the clothes in a wash bag. Wash in cold gentle wash, and select the slowest spin speed.
  • Reshape the garment when it’s damp. Gently stretch it to your desired shape - long or wide.
  • Air dry 
  • Iron inside out on a low-temperature when it’s damp and for more precaution, you can use a damp cloth.
  • Do not tumble dry or bleach.