1930s Fashion

From beautiful A-line skirts to sleek high waisted trousers, we have a selection of 1930s vintage-inspired styles to complement your figure and your wardrobe. Our designs are crafted to mirror the iconic looks of the era and give the perfect option for both stylish workwear and evening glam attire.

Our 1930s inspired clothing collection pays homage to the style and functionality of the clothing of this decade. The iconic 1930s bias cut dress has a classic look and adds a feminine and elegant touch to any wardrobe. At the same time, our Vintage style high-waisted trousers offer a versatile style for both casual daywear and glamorous party vibes. For the ultimate layering whatever the season, our range of cropped cardigans and boat neck sweaters adds a pop of colour to your retro look.

To complement 1930s styling, we also have a selection of Fakelite bangles and earrings that pair perfectly with this era.

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