If you’re looking for beautiful vintage-inspired jewellery to complement your retro wardrobe, here at Weekend Doll, we have the perfect accessories for you. Our collections feature classic and iconic styles including Fakelite bangles and earrings that take inspiration from the unique Bakelite jewellery of the 1930s, 40s and 50s. Inspired by the vintage classics, Fakelite is made with carved resin to offer a striking look in your retro outfits. This jewellery is also super versatile and is ideal for both casual daywear and evening glam outfits. Our Weekend Doll jewellery collection also features some fantastic pieces that will add that extra bit of glamour to any outfit. For the ultimate Monroe-inspired style, our gold hoop earrings create a statement look inspired by the starlets of the vintage Hollywood era. Weekend Doll makes the perfect gift for all retro lovers and the ultimate treat for yourself to complete your vintage-inspired looks. Vintage jewellery can be added on top of of a vintage shirt dress. Necklaces pair perfectly when wearing a 1940s tea dress.

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