Stockings & Tights

Stockings and tights are the perfect hosiery accessory to add to your 1940s and 50s inspired outfits. The glamorous and alluring charm of this item pays homage to the beautiful screen sirens of vintage Hollywood and adds an elegant twist to any party or workwear look. Seamed stockings are a particular favourite for vintage fashion lovers as they recreate an iconic look inspired by the Golden era. Retro-inspired stockings and tights perfectly pair with 50s swing dresses and circular skirts. To switch it up a little, why not rock the Blitz look with a pretty tea dress, cute cardigan and seamed stockings. Plus, adding a few retro-inspired accessories will complete this iconic look.

Shop our 1940s and 1950s inspired stockings and tights and add these hosiery essentials to your vintage collection.

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