Embrace the Golden Age of Hollywood with our Classic High-Waisted Wide-Leg Trousers

Embrace the Golden Age of Hollywood with our Classic High-Waisted Wide-Leg Trousers


The History of Trousers


In many cultures, trousers have been worn by women for centuries as part of everyday wear. However, in Western culture, this was quite the opposite. It wasn’t until the mid-20th-century trousers as an everyday clothing item were deemed acceptable for women, and they could even be arrested for wearing them in some countries. 

Women were keen to wear trousers, and many started to campaign for women’s rights in the early 20th century. Following the suffragette movement in the 1920s, and as women gained more freedom in society, so did their fashion. Trousers started to become a popular part of women’s fashion during the 1930s to the 1950s as workwear and everyday style.

Marlene Dietrich was one of the first women to wear men’s suits in public and received police threats in the 1930s for this act of rebellion. She has brought her androgyny and glamorous style into fashion and remains a style icon today. 

As a woman founded and owned business, we want to celebrate the women who changed the course of fashion history to what we know and love today. Therefore, we designed and created our own timeless and flattering 1930s and 40s style trousers inspired by Marlene Dietrich to inspire beauty and confidence in your personal style. 


Classic 1930s and 40s design


 Marlene Dietrich photographed by Laszlo Willinger, 1942


Our new classic 1930s and 40s style trousers are inspired by the silhouettes, cuts and styles of the era. We’ve incorporated the iconic cinched waistband and wide leg design for a defined look. This also compliments your figure when wearing a fitted top. The darts on the front and back add a classic cut and create a sleek flattering silhouette and make your legs look wider. We’ve added large pockets for practicality and a rolled-up cuffed hem so the trousers hang beautifully. Plus, they’re easy to shorten for petite leg lengths. Our trousers are perfect for all shapes and sizes so that you can achieve that iconic hourglass shape. We have also added belt loops so you can add your favourite belt to accentuate your waist even more.

30s and 40s classic wide leg high waisted trousers
Our trousers are available in a beautiful Nautical Navy and sophisticated Marl Grey.

The trouser design is crafted in a viscose and polyester mix, which is perfect as it’s versatile, and you can wear it all year round. The material doesn’t crease and has a slight stretch. This offers comfort and practicality, so our trousers are perfect for all occasions, whether you’re styling a date night outfit, a weekend walk or relaxing on the sofa.

The beauty of our trousers is also in the small details. The buttons are made from Corozo, a 100% natural material. Corozo is a nut from a tropical palm tree. These buttons add extra charm to your look and have a beautiful natural grain that is fade resistant. 

Classic Wide Leg High Waisted Trousers | 1940S Style
Beautiful natural Corozo buttons 

 Ever had issues with zips on your favourite trousers? We’ve researched this area thoroughly, so now you don’t have to worry about broken or sticky zips! Our new trousers now have YKK zips. 

This zip design is used widely in the fashion industry and boasts excellent quality, construction and reliability to ensure that your zip won’t break.


Our design process


Designed and Manufactured Locally 


What’s more, our trousers are proudly made in the UK, and all materials are also sourced in the country. This is especially important as a UK based business, as we want to reduce our waste and emissions when it comes to our production line but also to help the local economy. Local manufacturing helps nearby cities and towns grow and prosper for generations to come. Having manufacturing so close to home also ensures better quality control to guarantee you fantastic quality trousers for a great price. 

1940s Style High Waisted Wide Leg Trousers in Navy


1940s Style High Waisted Wide Leg Trousers in Navy
1940s Style High Waisted Wide Leg Trousers in Navy