D-Day Doll

June 02, 2016

D-Day Doll

The 6 June 2016 marks the 72 Anniversary of the Normandy Landings, or D-Day. On June 6 1944, thousands of Allied troops landed on the beaches of Normandy, to commence an assault on Nazi occupied France against Hitler’s ‘Fortress Europe’. D-Day marked the start of the largest amphibious assault ever launched, with ‘Operation Overlord’ involving over 156,000 British, American, Canadian and Commonwealth troops. The combined naval, air and land invasion started in the early hours of the morning and was one of the most significant operations of the Second World War. Operation Overlord created a vital foothold in occupied Europe and brought the end of the Second World War within reach. In total, British and Commonwealth casualties(killed, wounded or missing) on D-Day numbered approximately 4,300.
Every year, memorials are held around the world to remember and pay respects to the brave and committed troops who sacrificed their lives so that others may be freed. Surviving veterans, families, and supporters can often be found at one of many hundreds of events that take place to commemorate this day.
One such event is the ‘D-Day Revival’ which is held at Southwick Village in West Sussex. Over the weekend of the 11 and 12 of June, visitors can soak up the atmosphere of the 1940’s, enjoying street markets, WWII military vehicles, vintage tea rooms, revival dances and much more!

If you are attending a D-Day memorial or 1940’s event this weekend, Weekend Doll has just what you need to make sure you look the part. The Rita Dress (which comes in 2 beautiful colour ways), paired with reproduction or vintage accessories, is sure to take you back to a bygone era. The dress perfectly captures the utilitarian (yet chic) style of the 40’s. The tea dress, with its statement print and cinched in waist, is an essential part of any vintage style wardrobe. If the Great British Summer is on form and there is a chill in the air, why not opt for the Rita Blouse, teamed with a pair of high waisted trousers? You will achieve the same classic hour glass silhouette which was synonymous with the decade.

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