Halloween Pinup Style with Penny & Betty

June 07, 2017

Halloween Pinup Style with Penny & Betty

Halloween Pinup Style with Penny & Betty.
I love Halloween. There is something about the new found chill in the air, the falling leaves on the ground and the dark nights closing in that makes everything feel ever so slightly...spooky! Plus, it is a great excuse to play dress up! So with Halloween just around the corner, I have turned to Weekend Doll and Voodoo Betty’s Boutique for a frightening cool Halloween pinup look!

As soon as Collectif released their new Autumn/Winter 2016 collection, I knew I had to order the Penny Vegas Pencil Dress ! This dress is only available in a Size 6 on the Collectif website – it has sold out fast! But thankfully, Weekend Doll has you back! It is still available on their website in sizes 8-16! 
This dress is amazing! Made of a beautifully sparkly PU coated Bengali fabric, it has tones of stretch yet if figure-hugging snug!  I ordered the dress in a UK Size 8 and my measurements are as follows: Waist – 26.5in, Bust: 35in and Hips: 34in.
Therefore, based on the Collectif size chart, I would say that they Penny Vegas Pencil Dress fits true to size. However, Collectif do say that if you are between sizes to size down, on account of the amount of stretch the dress has. In terms of size, fabric and over all style, I don’t have a bad word to say about the Penny Vegas Pencil Dress . However, with that being said, I am not very keen on the fastening mechanism for the crossover neck straps.
Unlike other cross over neck items I have, for instance, the Voodoo VixenTop from Pinup Girl Clothing, the cross neck on the Penny Vegas clips in place with hooks, as opposed to being one continuous strap that you put over your head. Now, I didn’t wear a bra with this dress as once on, it fits pretty tight, so there was no need, but I was very conscious that at some point, these little clasps (which didn’t feel massively secure when fastened) would pop open and leave me ever so slightly red faced! I would have preferred for this dress to have ‘over the head’ straps, but it is not a deal breaker! The rest of the dress makes up for this! 
I paired the Penny Vegas Dress with some gorgeous Halloween themed accessories from Voodoo Betty’s Boutique.  I styled my hair with their gorgeous handmade pumpkin head scarf (which made for a perfect fit, with just enough excess left over for a little bow).
I accessorised with their super cute Pumpkin Jack-o- Lantern style earrings (which are tunneled friendly!) and their beautiful Pumpkin and skull necklace, which I fashioned into a little belt using some black cotton! 
This is the first time I have tried any accessories from Voodoo Betty’s, but I was really pleased with the quality, overall designs and clearly the huge amount of care and attention that goes into each individual piece.  My pumpkins went down a storm on a recent night out! I will definitely be buying from them again. 
Lovely handmade accessories by Voodoo Betty’s Boutique are available on our website .

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