How to Wear Wiggle Style Dresses and Skirts

How to Wear Wiggle Style Dresses and Skirts

One of the most popular fashion styles from the 1950s is what is called the wiggle style. This figure hugging, curvy style can enhance a woman's body and can be used for both works as well as play. This style is what we think of when we think of pin-up fashion, and it can be a huge asset to any wardrobe. It is called wiggle style because the dresses or skirts that are considered wiggle have a hem that is narrower than their waist, forcing the wearer to "wiggle" a bit as they walk. If you are thinking of buying a wiggle dress or skirt, we have some suggestions on how you can wear it. 

Choose the Right Size

One of the most important things about wiggle dresses and skirts is choosing the right size. You do not want to wear one that is too large since that will take away from the wiggle effect, but you also do not want to wear one that is too tight. Wiggle dresses that are too tight are very hard to walk in and do not look like they should. A great way to find the right size is to get accurate measurements of your waist, bust, and hips.


It is important to choose the right underwear to use under the wiggle dress or skirt. Underwear that is too tight will create bulges that you do not want with these kinds of outfits. Depending on the fabric of the dress or skirt, you may want to consider lacy underwear instead of wired bras, for example. Many women prefer things with these dresses and skirts, too, since they create no unseemly lines. 

Beware of Too Much Cleavage

Wiggle dresses are already sexy. You do not need to make them even more so by showing a lot of cleavages. If the dress is cut low, wear a simple bra that does not accentuate the bust too much. Too much cleavage can affect the cut of the dress and can make it look out of proportion, so keep this in mind. 


A dress like the Betty Fitted Dress has the exact silhouette you want, with just the right amount of sexiness. 


Heels are a must with a wiggle dress or skirt. You want the line of your leg to be long and svelte to contrast with the curves the dress creates. Simple pumps look great, but stilettos are even better. It can be a great idea to wear heels in brightly contrasting colors or textures to really complete the look. Try to stay away from clunky heels and from ankle boots, since these will cut the line of the leg and can make you look stumpy. If you are very tall, then a beautiful pair of flats can work, as well, as long as they are pointed and long. 


Another important aspect of wearing a wiggle dress is to know how to accessorize it. If you are going for the full retro look, turn to red lipstick and perhaps a flower in your hair, just be sure that it does not look too much like a costume. A good way of avoiding this is to add some modern touches to the outfit, like bold colors or unexpected patterns. If you want to go for a modern look, choose jewelry that is minimal and large, or add a simple, sleek belt to emphasize the waist. Your handbag, too, can play a role in the outfit, so if you are going for modern, try a modern silhouette for your purse or bag. If you want to really go retro, add a wrist length pair of gloves in a contrasting color. 


You can also add a touch of whimsy to your hair with an artificial flower like the Red Dahlia Flower or add a wrist length pair of gloves in a contrasting color like the Lori Gloves

The wiggle dress or skirt can be a crucial part of any woman's wardrobe. It does not require you to be curvy since it will create a lot of those curves for you, and it can be easily accessorized as well as modernized. It is a flattering cut for most if not all bodies, and it will add a pep to your step which will turn heads everywhere you go. From the office to a night out, the wiggle style dress and skirt can be the perfect turn-to outfit you can depend on when you want to look great.