Introducing the Monroe Trousers in Denim

Introducing the Monroe Trousers in Denim

Ready for Your Marilyn Moment? Introducing the Monroe Trousers in Denim 

Possibly the most famous movie star of all time, Marylin Monroe was the epitome of Hollywood glamour. In recognition of her contribution to fashion, we’ve created the Monroe Trouser in denim, so you can emulate her effortless off-duty style.


Marilyn Monroe modeling for Frank and Joseph’s salon, 1946


The History of Denim Trousers

Before the First World War, women didn’t wear trousers at all. But when all the men went off to war, the women needed to pick up the slack in factories across the country. Working in dresses and skirts was impractical, so they had to wear men’s trousers. It was usual to see women wearing boilers suits and breeches as they got to grips with roles they had never had to fulfil before.

When the war was over, women fell back into their old routines, and the dresses were back. But women were less opposed to the trouser look.

With the arrival of the Second World War, there was a trouser revival. Overalls and coveralls were the two-legged garments of choice, typically made with denim. This thick, stiff material was durable and held up well to the rigours of factory life.


Gail Russell
When this war ended, trousers were considered a casual option for women. With Western films becoming ever more popular, the cowgirl became an icon. Women would style their high-waisted, wide-legged jeans with button-up shirts or blouses, and a leather belt with a thick buckle. The jeans always had a rolled-up hem.  This look became synonymous with youth and rebellion in the 1950s and jeans were a staple garment in Marylin Monroe’s wardrobe.
1940s Levis for Women's Ad



How to Style Your Monroe Trousers

Accessories really came back in the 1950s. Not only was jewellery a luxury in the 40s, but it wasn’t sensible to wear it around the factories. Women wore headscarves and gloves and wore their hair in pinned curls to keep it out of their faces. When the war was over, everywhere you looked people were wearing gloves, hats, belts and glasses. The more the merrier! The Golden Age of Capitalism was being celebrated and expressed in fashion.

If you want a more casual, off-duty Marylin style, wear your Monroe trousers with a button-up shirt, and a head scarf, and keep jewellery to a minimum. Add a touch of elegance with a blouse instead of a shirt. If, however, you prefer the more is more look from the 50s, add accessories wherever possible.

We also love these classic jeans with our Ann and Janet tops for a simple, sophisticated look.


Retro Cow Girl Style Denim Jeans Outfit

It’s All in the Detail

Our incredibly flattering Monroe Trousers capture the mood of an era perfectly, with a medium weight stretch fabric that looks good on everyone. Rolled-up hems were the fashion, but you can roll yours up or down, depending on how wide you want the section to be.

While fashion was important, women were beginning to understand practicality at that time, so pockets were essential. Our Monroe Trousers include both a side pocket and a back pocket, as well as cute belt tabs to hold a thin belt – just remember to choose one with a big metal buckle.



You might also like our Monroe Skirt in denim. It has practical side pockets and a patched pocket at the back. The belt loops have cute button embellishment to represent that esteemed Western style. Dress it up or down in the same way as the trousers.

Retro Cow Girl Style Knee Length A line Skirt Outfit

War naturally bought with it a period of frivolity and rationing. We now know so much more about the environment and, in an attempt to reduce our waste, we adopt those same restrictive methods to our production.

Our Monroe trousers and skirts are made in small batches, right here in the UK. Not only does this help reduce our carbon footprint, but it also ensures our production benefits local businesses.