Redefining Personality with 1950s Style

Redefining Personality with 1950s Style

Fashion trends of the fifties were mainly about comfort and conformity & women used to dress smartly then. The trends were wholesome, clean, and good. The dresses of the fifties are very flattering & nipped at the waist. Those dresses are more feminine. The wild fashions and miniskirts arrived in the sixties. During the fifties, dresses were mainly about a tailored and good grooming look. Due to these attributes, the 1950s style is greatly admired, even today. Gloves and heels became trendy during that time. Looking and acting 'every inch the lady', was taught to the girls from a very young age.

If you are planning to wear something that would make you look like you are in the fifties, then you should try our full-circled swing dress that you can wear with a petticoat and three length sleeve cardigans. To complement those you can try gloves and sparkle earrings with our fur scarf to glam up or three-quarter cardigan can be a good option. You can also consider going for a separate option such as halter neck-top with a full circular skirt. Skirts can be an interesting inclusion, such as poodle skirt or swing skirt. To compliment the skirt you can also wear matching shoes & belts and carry a matching purse.

How should you Dress up in the Elegant Style of the Fifties?


With the arrival of the fifties, the world witnessed all types of fabric rationing come to a stop. This naturally led to extravagant fashion and trends as people were just too happy to witness the rationing on fabric end. Women started to wear halter neck tops, full-circle skirts etc. However, patterns of floral still continued to be a part of fashion then. Floral patterns are still worn today as they are still in fashion. Wearing one cardigan boasting 3 quarter sleeves with one neckerchief can help you to carry a perfect look of the fifties. To make your look more convincing, you can tie the hair into one ponytail.

A combination that will certainly give you an authentic fifties look is the Regina Dress. This full elegantly twisted skirt dress will complete your style. This full skirt comes is made from beige a red polka-dot chiffon with a black slash covering the waist. This dress will effectively flatten your figure. This chiffon full circular skirt with cross over design will gather rushing details, especially on the waist and bust. This dress is a timeless, elegant, and simple piece that will complement your good looks. This elegant dress is made of one hundred percent polyester and with one hundred percent cotton lining.

You can also try the Florence dress. This flattering and timeless piece is inspired from the fifties fashion. This is a perfect dress for a day out, dinner party or a wedding. This dress comes with a vintage and elegant design with one crossover off-the-shoulder and v-neckline effect. This softly pleated dress falls just below your knee with a wide curved waist-band. The Florence dress is made from one hundred percent high-quality cotton and comes with a gorgeous floral print. This dress will effectively flatten your figure, giving you a slim look. This dress will certainly give you a vintage, simple, and elegant look. The Florence dress comes with a center back zip closure and side pockets.

You can also try the luxurious and super soft Cecil faux fur scarf with your winter outfit, which will give you an elegant fifties look. This fabulous soft faux fur comes in wolf color and leopard print. You can wear the Cecil faux fur scarf as one slot-through scarf or you can also hook it at the front, which will give you an opulent look. The Cecil faux fur scarf will not only just make you look gorgeous but will also keep you warm. The Cecil faux fur scarf is made of one hundred percent polyester.

Complement your fifties dress with the Crystal teardrops clip-on earrings with black gem. These stud earrings will add a fine touch of glamour and vintage to your outfit. These earrings feature a design of clear teardrops that are surrounded by tiny sparkling black rhinestones. These are truly elegant and timeless pieces that you will be proud to own.

We have put together these gorgeous and elegant items to help you get the perfect 1950s style, which will certainly make everyone stare at you.