Sustainable style: Our unique and flattering 40s-inspired shirt dress

Woman wearing 1940s Katherine Yellow Floral Shirt Dress from Weekend Doll

The shirt dress is an iconic and versatile wardrobe staple. Its flattering shape is perfect for all occasions, and the design dates back decades. Here we look at why the shirt dress is a popular design and how to wear this chic look. Plus, explore our new Weekend Doll print and fabric to help you make a sustainable fashion purchase.

Why the shirt dress is an iconic design


Women wearing vintage tea dress floral patterns

The design was initially based on a blouse and skirt. It proved to be very versatile because of how easy it was to put on and styled according to the formalities of the day or event. When looking through old patterns, magazines and photos, you notice some dresses looked very casual; others were designed to be more formal - perhaps by adding more decorative buttons, trims or changing the collar style.


Our new Katherine dress design 


Our new 40s-inspired shirt dress balances sophistication and utilitarian styling - meaning you can be both practical and sophisticated. The design has a distinctive revere collar and cinches at the waist to flatter the silhouette while providing comfort. Authentic 40s-inspired yoke detailing at the shoulders and adjustable tie belt create a retro look. Plus, the design incorporates a wide hemline to add body and structure to this look. This beautifully structured dress drapes perfectly and suits all body types. 

The Katherine dress design features: 

  • Revere collar 
  • Tie belt
  • Shoulder yoke details
  • Wide hemline
  • Small pocket to keep your lippy and mobile handy
  • Elegant length that lands just on or below the knee
Weekend Doll 1940s Katherine Yellow Floral Shirt Dress template on mannequin - front, side and back view

The creation of our unique print 


At Weekend Doll, we are always working hard to bring you unique items - that’s why we’re excited to introduce our new Hydrangea floral print in 1930s and 40s vintage colours. Our inspiration comes from the beautiful floral displays in Japan. Here, the Hydrangea grows mainly in the rainy season between June and July and creates a stunning variety of colours. Not only does this flower symbolise grace and beauty, but there’s also certainly something magical about it too, as they can change colour in daylight. 

    Weekend Doll 1940s Katherine Yellow Floral Shirt Dress vintage inspired print design sketches

    Inspired by this beauty, we have experimented with different colourways to get the best vibrant and sweet print. 


    Take a look at the final print colour below:

    Weekend Doll 1940s Katherine Yellow Floral Shirt Dress vintage inspired print design

    New sustainable fabric 


    We understand the fashion industry has a massive impact on the world around us. So at Weekend Doll, we are taking steps to minimise our footprint. For example, many garments are made from viscose. While viscose is a natural resource (originates from wood pulp), the processes used to create it have detrimental effects on the planet. 


    With research and innovation, we are happy to partner with a factory that shares our ethics and values. This collaboration will see our new dress collection crafted with FSC certified viscose and made in a factory that cares for its staff and community. 


    The fabric used in our new collection is designed for us - it’s a long and slow process, but totally worth it! Plus, we use biodegradable shell buttons, and this style is lined in 100% cotton for the best quality. 


    1940s Vintage Style Yellow Floral Shirt Dress Weekend Doll

    We hope our unique Katherine shirt dress will brighten up your mood and give you plenty of vintage style inspiration for the new season. 

    Sustainable viscose 1940s Style Katherine floral print shirt dress_Weekend Doll
    Available in sizes XS - XXL
    Sustainable viscose 1940s Style Katherine floral print shirt dress_Weekend Doll