Take a graceful step back to the 1940s with the Ava dress

Take a graceful step back to the 1940s with the Ava dress

Anyone can go onto the high street and purchase clothing that everyone else has. In today’s fast-fashion society, the desire for the latest trends, no matter how they are made, has taken the fun out of shopping for unique finds and that’s not to mention the negative social and environmental impact!
The need for more sustainable fashion choices has seen us look back to a bygone era. A time where people purchased clothing that lasted years not a season, plus making clothes and recycling fabrics was seen as the norm. 


The beauty of slow fashion and vintage styling

Taking inspiration from these times. We have seen a revival of vintage favourites and a focus on slow fashion. The concept of slow fashion encompasses an awareness of the processes and resources used to create garments. Everything from responsibly sourced fabrics to the fair treatment of textile workers is considered to ensure clothing has the least impact as possible.
Another plus side is the attention to detail and craftsmanship that goes into every item. The emphasis focuses on how clothing is made and celebrates the skills and talent of the people that create them. Here at Weekend Doll, our collection of vintage clothing ensures you’ll always experience beautifully made designs that have a story behind the style. 


vintage style dress pattern 1940s tea dress pattern


1940s inspired vintage design with modern touches


1940s Tea Dress_ Weekenddoll
The forties often invoke memories of Hollywood glamour and Land Army girls. However, one of the most iconic fashion moments in this decade saw the versatile 40s tea dress take centre stage. The tea dress was designed to accentuate the female silhouette, in addition to providing a comfortable outfit that could be worn for day or evening wear. The timeless charisma of this dress has paved the way for dress trends since its debut and continues to be a source of inspiration in modern design.


Tea dress makingVintage Inspired Tea dress making

 We have carefully reworked the sweetheart neckline to show the bust line beautifully. 

To recreate this look, our new Ava dress encompasses the elegance and playfulness of this much-loved style. Our passion for unique tailoring and attention to detail also pay homage to its humble roots. 


Polka dot 1940s Ava dress

The Ava dress stays true to its original craftsmanship with a graceful 7-panel skirt pattern that offers the renowned flare design. Its polka dot print also keeps your style playful for daywear while giving you the option to glam it up for a night on the tiles.
To complement the femininity of its design, the Ava dress features sleeves that gently wrap around your upper arm. Plus, we’ve added those little touches including delicate piping under the bust and sleeve to accentuate your figure, and subtle pockets to keep your lippy to hand.


40s Ava Tea Dress Weekend Doll Process40s Ava Tea Dress Weekend Doll Process

We have kept working on the sleeves to make sure the dress is comfortable to wear . 

We love capturing everything people love about vintage fashion. The way it makes you feel, the stories behind its creation and the fun you’ll have while wearing our designs. Our love of vintage style and the simple concepts of previous decades has inspired our creation of statement garments that can be cherished for many years to come.


1940s inspired navy polka dot knee length tea dress


The Ava Dress is available in size 8 - 18. 


1940s style Ava Tea Grey Polka Dot Dress | Weekend Doll