A Vintage Classic - The 40s-Inspired Blouse

A Vintage Classic 40s Inspired Sustainable Blouse Ivory from weekend doll

Blouses are a classic and versatile choice for both smart and casual outfits. This popular garment started life as workwear essentials for men and women and is now a fashion must-have every season. 

Here we take a look at why a blouse is a flattering addition to your wardrobe and how modern styles take inspiration from vintage designs. Plus, check out how to style a blouse and how to take care of it, so it lasts years to come. Also, learn more about our new sustainably made blouse design.  

History of the blouse

Blouses are a versatile and classic item and perfect for dressing up and down for any occasion. The blouse has humble beginnings and was mainly a garment worn by workmen or women in its early days. The design then evolved in the 1910s as a daytime or informal evening staple item. During the 1920s, dresses were not required for every occasion, so skirt and blouse combinations became extremely popular. The blouse was comfortable, easy to wear, and allowed women to mix and match various outfits. 


Since the 1920s, blouses have gone through various cuts, patterns, sleeve and button styles. They don’t change dramatically, but each era has small details distinguishing their design from the rest. 


To pay homage to this iconic garment, we’ve decided to fashion our new classic blouse in the iconic style of the 1940s.

How to style our 1940s vintage-inspired blouse

Our 1940s classic blouse features a timeless and authentic design that will become a versatile part of your wardrobe. The pointed reverse collar adds elegant and sophisticated details and the seam styles create a flattering look to your bust and waist. The short cuffed sleeves, gathered back into the shoulder, also make for a beautiful fit. Coming in at the waist, our blouse is perfect for tucking into your favourite trousers, jeans or skirt and is a versatile item that will go with any of your clothes. Don’t forget to layer and add a cute cardigan or sweater for the colder months of the year. 

Sustainable materials 

Our new design is made in FSC certified sustainable viscose. This sustainable and semi-synthetic plant-based material is a more durable alternative to silk and creates a beautiful drape and lustrous finish. (read more about FSC viscose here-link to page) Its lightweight, soft and comfortable texture make it perfect for any occasion, from day to night, any time of the year. 

The little details 

There are a little red heart embroidery  to give this blouse more extra charm. 

Taking care of your blouse 

Since viscose is more durable than your standard materials like cotton, it requires special care to wash and dry. It is prone to shrinking if not treated properly, so don’t just put it in the washing machine with the rest of your clothes! It’s very delicate when wet, so we recommend you hand wash your item rather than machine wash and let it air-dry flat. You can also dry clean your garment when you can.


Supporting communities 

As a woman-led business, we want to support and empower women. So, we’ve collaborated with a women-led factory in India where they produce our small quantity collections made with our sustainable viscose. The owners share our values and are approved by the government for fair and ethical practices, so we can guarantee our blouse is created with sustainable material fairly and ethically.