Difference Between Vintage Clothes, Vintage Reproductions and Vintage Inspired

What are Vintage Clothes?

Vintage clothes refer to a set of garments of a past era which were used during a specific time period. These garments were designed with the contemporary trend of fashion of a specific time. In the current age, clothes belonging to a previous era our known as vintage clothes.Vintage 1940s dresses are very affordable yet elegant .

What is Vintage Reproduction?

Vintage reproductions are the recreations of the vintage clothes by keeping the design same. New materials and fabrics are used to make vintage reproductions.

Vintage 1940s Dresses

What is Vintage Inspired?

As the name suggests, the style and design of a vintage-inspired garment is influenced by garments of a different era. In this case, the clothes get a completely new design in new fabrics, but it is inspired by design of vintage clothes.

Distinctive features of Vintage Clothes, Vintage Reproductions and Vintage Inspired

Vintage clothing is a term generally used for outfits dating from the 1920s to around 20 years before the current period. The fabric of the same is normally worn with a faded colour. Vintage clothing was made from very good quality fabrics such as fine silk and cotton, since they were created before the advent of fabrics like polyester. Depending on the design, these garments were also heavily embroidered.

Vintage clothes often contain several layers of silk. In many designs, metals and colourful feather of birds were enclosed for a fine finishing. One needs to be careful while washing these clothes as the materials used in the clothes become fragile with the passing of time. Many people prefer to own original vintage clothing rather than replicas, and there are many vintage clothing stores that can help them with this.

Vintage reproductions are nothing but exact replicas of original vintage garments. These are made of new fabric, using modern technology but look exactly like vintage clothing. Vintage reproductions are light and comfortable in comparison to the original vintage garment.

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They are a wonderful option for those who like vintage clothes but prefer acquiring a brand new product rather than using a second-hand one. While vintage clothes need extra care for maintenance and washing, vintage reproductions can be washed in washing machines, like other garments.

Vintage-inspired clothes are inspired by the style and design of clothes from a previous era. The design is completely new, but an amalgamation of modern trends and bygone era.

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These are comparatively light and comfortable to wear. Unlike vintage reproductions, vintage-inspired clothes do not replicate the garments of a particular era. Instead, it is an innovation of old fashions to suit the tastes of a newer generation. Vintage-inspired clothes are a wonderful option for people who admire old styles but prefer a modern interpretation of the same.

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