Different Body Shapes and How to Select Your Dress Accordingly

Very often, you fall in love with an outfit, only to try it on and realise, it doesn’t suit you. Something which looks so lovely on the mannequin may make you look awful. This is because of your body shape. Every person is a different body shape. Therefore 40s style dresses which looks good on someone else, may not necessarily look good on you..

Most people are ignorant about their body shape. Here are some guiding tips which will aid you in learning about your unique body shape and the dresses that will best suit your style.


1. Pear Shape:

As the name suggests, people with this body type have a heavier butt and thighs compared to the upper portion of the body. With this body shape, you can accentuate the upper part of your body. You need to wear outfits which will remove focus from the lower part of your body and draw it to your shoulders and bust.

Styles that best suit the pear shape:

Wear ruffled tops or V-necks that will accentuate your shoulders and bust line.
• Choose slim, fitted tops, button-down shirts, or cardigans.
• Add volume to your bust line or enhance it by wearing the correct bra (a padded one helps).
• For bottom wear, you can opt for A-line skirts, straight-leg pants or trousers, with wide hemlines.
• Do not miss your heels; Pointy-toed shoes help complement and complete your look. They add visual appeal and help elongate your legs.

2. Hourglass Shape:

Person’s with this body type have a well-proportioned body with a prominent waistline. You should accentuate the waist and avoid heavy, boxy styles and opt for light fabrics.

40s style dresses Styles best-suited to the hourglass shape:

Go for V neck tops and dresses.
• Look for tops and dresses that accentuate your waist. Avoid designs that add bulk to your bust, else you will look disproportionate.
• Wrap blouses and dresses are perfect for people with this body type since they pull in fabric at the waist.
• Avoid stiff fabrics and look for material like silks and knit blends that drape over you.

3. Apple Shape:

Apple shape defines a body that has a heavy upper body. The bust line and shoulders are heavier and most of the weight is in the midriff section, and the waistline is not well-defined.

Styles best suited to the Apple shape:

Choose elongated patterns and prints to camouflage your heavy upper body.
• Darker colour hued tops with flared bottoms work wonders.
• Wear dresses and shirts that flow out from under your bust, expanding at the waist.
• Give your heavy bust line a minimal look with the right bra.
• Avoid wearing broad belts or anything that accentuates the waist area.

4. Rectangle Shape:

People with this body shape do not have a well-defined waist or a lot of curves. Rectangle shape lets your shoulder line and the bottom harmonize. Most clothes suit people with this body type.

Dress best suits the Rectangle shape:

Your neckline can be highlighted with sweetheart cut, off-shoulder, sleeveless tops and dresses
Layered tops combined with A-line skirts and straight cut trousers goes well.
• Choose clothes that accentuate the waistline. Broad belts are a good accessory to have.
• Halter-neck tops and dresses are a good idea to accentuate the bust.
With these tips in mind choose, figure out your body shape and pick outfits which make you look stylish and trendy.

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