Different Types of Prints in 1940s and 1950s Dresses

Vintage fashion took a leap in the 1940s and 1950s introducing interesting patterns and fabric for both men and women. Readymade 1940 floral dresses clothes came into vogue and, these were quite affordable.

The era of 1940 was impacted hugely by the war. It eventually influenced the fashion trends during that period. Clothes were generally longer, and most dresses had artificial puffy shoulders which gave them a masculine effect. The fabric was more dominated by solid shades of colour without any prints. Minimal styling details like different necklines were added to the dresses. People followed an a-no pattern or plain fashion trend as the war took a toll on the then prevailing fashion industry.

Towards the late 40s, the war came to an end which brought in a significant upliftment to the 40s fashion world. People began to streamline their lifestyle by forgetting the ill effects of the war by welcoming changes to the prevalent clothing. Women embraced fabrics that had little floral patterns, for their dresses.

1950s were more lively compared to the 40s

These floral fabrics were available in beautiful colours. Contrasting coloured borders were added to these dresses made out of floral fabrics. Floral patterns that dominated the late 40s included medium-sized block flowers, tropical leaves, running floral creepers, etc.

It welcomed more colourful and vibrant fabric patterns which included polka dots of various sizes, plaid, and gingham checks for both men and women. These patterns were very much in fashion, and even children’s dresses were made in these prints.

Polka dots:

A variety of fabric came with these large and small perky dots. Some fabrics also had patterns that had mixed polka dots of different sizes. During the 50s it was a must to have one such polka-dot dress, and it was considered a prized possession.

1940 Floral Dresses Plaid and Gingham checks:

Plaid comes in mostly woollen fabrics with bigger checks. Gingham checks are comparatively fine checks that are mainly woven on cotton fabric, in a combination of white and a bold colour. These checks were so much in the fashion that both men as well as women made dresses and shirts out of it.


Both 1940s and1950s can be considered trendy eras as both epochs have seen a unique and chic fashion that people talk of, even today, and every once in a while, we see the resurgence and revival of these styles and prints.

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