Vintage Winter Wear

Vintage fashion has a number of fifties dresses fashion options for everyone, for all seasons. Winter wear is another gorgeous aspect of vintage clothing. From coats to jackets, There are some pieces of vintage winterwear that you must have in your wardrobe if you can lay your hands on them; Styles which have lasted through the years, and will keep you warm for many more.

Faux fur scarves:

The fluffy faux fur scarf is a stylish accessory that goes best when teamed with solid colour dresses. These scarves were a ‘must have’ for ladies during the vintage era.


These scarves are available in unique colours and patterns that you can match with many dresses. Faux fur comes in long as well as well trimmed short furs. The sense of warmth it gives when wrapped around is immense. These scarves provided an aristocratic look along with the fulfilling the purpose of keeping you warm.

Retro style coats are woven from pure Fifties Dresses Gloves

For winters a well-knitted pair of gloves is a mandatory accessory. Fur-lined or well-knitted gloves provided comfort and warmth to the hands during winters. Both neutral and bold hues were worn matched with outfits. Men preferred leather gloves while women wore knitted ones with grace.


Jumpers used in a retro era were hand knitted with beautiful patterns whereas some personalized it with knitting their name’s initials. Retro jumpers were mainly body-hugging and short in length. Wear them and get your vintage look spot on!

Thick fabric dresses:

Vintage fabric dresses were available in a variety of options like wool, flannel, tweed, serge, etc. Paired with knitted gloves, and a faux fur scarf, this is a look which can be carried off today as well.

Swing trousers paired with long-sleeved sailor tops:

Swing trousers teamed with long sleeved sailor tops were very much fancied in the 1960s and 70’s. It is evident that this combination was worn by both men and women. Swing trousers were of a solid colour, and its bottom was a little wide. Sailor tops had vertical stripes or came with a huge flat square collar with a contrasting coloured scarf tied underneath.

These evergreen vintage winter garments prove to be a unique style statement which will never fail your wardrobe, and keep you looking stylish.

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