How to Dress up for Goodwood Revival 2017?

How to Dress up for Goodwood Revival 2017?

The Goodwood Revival is a three day festival held in September that celebrates the golden days of motor racing. It’s the only motor racing event where the participants dress entirely in vintage dresses. The Goodwood Revival 2017 will be held between September 8 and 10 and will see car and racing lovers from different parts of the globe celebrate the legacy of Goodwood, a motor circuit that enjoyed immense popularity between 1948 and 1966. For people participating in this motor racing event styling has always been as important as cars running on the racing track. Like every year, this year’s event will also witness hundreds of thousands of vintage fashion buffs and petrol heads flock at the grandstands wearing period attires of the forties, fifties, and sixties.

One of the main attractions of this annual event is the fashion display by the actors and actresses present at the venue (the event features around 300 actors and actresses), each of whom arrive dressed completely in vintage regalia. It’s true that it’s not mandatory for the visitors to dress themselves in period clothes; however, still, most visitors prefer to embrace the event’s theme.

We have put this article together to help people looking to visit Good wood Revival 2017 to fit perfectly into the time-travel spectacle of the event. The suggestions we have provided here may well assist you to win a bottle of Veuve Clicquot, one of the sought after champagnes of the world.

How to dress up perfectly in the style of the forties, fifties, and sixties?

The forties: Wartime rationing forced people to adopt significantly considered tailoring during the forties. Suits using to feature details like folds, tucks, and nips to ensure that tailors don’t need much fabric for sewing them. The suits were usually contrasted using very basic tea dresses which were almost always short due to adequate cloth supply. If you plan to dress up for the forties, you should ideally go for chic fitted or military style suits that will remain nipped in at your wait along with a stylish knee-length skirt. The other option you can try is a tailored, tight and perfectly cut linen suit. Going for a beautiful floral dress would also be a good idea if you want to look like someone from the forties with 1940s dresses UK. One tip we would like to offer you is that wearing a beret is a great way of transforming any outfit into a vintage piece.

Items you can try out from our collection when dressing up as someone from the forties include the Rita Dress and the Bouquet Dress.

Both the Rita Dress and Bouquet Dress are floral tea dresses and would be great additions to your retro wardrobe. Some of the highlights of the Rita Dress, which is available in both green and black, include its attractive V-neckline, embellished buttons done in red, and contrasting red piping around the bust area. You will also love the specially designed back zip closure of the outfit. The Bouquet Dress, on the other hand, would attract you and the onlookers with its crossover bust detail, waist tie, and wide waistband. The dress sports a perfectly feminine design that will flatter all body types.

If you want to look a bit more stylish, we would suggest you to opt for our Judy Floral Dress, another perfect forty’s outfit. You would fall in love with the outfit’s ruched sleeves and bust detail the moment you will wear it. Those features will be accentuating your waist and bust and give you the perfect feminine shape. Another amazing thing about the Judy Floral Dress is that is come with an intelligently designed hitch hem, which will allow you to tie the dress up or wear it down depending on your own preference.

Women at work used to wear swing pants along with stylish blouses during the 40s. Two blouse types you can try out with swing pants include our floral tie blouse and white grace blouse


One of the biggest pluses of our collection is that each of the items in it is available in all possible sizes. For the extra skinnies, we have extra small versions of all our outfits, for bigger individuals, we have our outfits in double excel, and of course all other sizes in between.

Fifties- Fifties arrived and soon the world saw all kinds of rationing on fabric come to an end. This obviously results in extravagant fashion as people became too excited to see the rationing end. Women started wearing full-circle skirts, halter neck tops etc. However, floral patterns continued to be in vogue. If you want to visit this year’s Goodwood Revival in a fifty’s outfit, you can wear outfits featuring vintage prints. Wearing a cardigan boasting three quarter sleeves along with a neckerchief would allow you to sport a perfect fifty’s look. To make the look even more realistic, tie your hair into a ponytail.

One combination you can try out when dressing up as a woman from the 50s is that of our Regina Dress or Florence Dress  along with the gorgeous Cecil Faux Fur Scarp and stud earrings. If you want, you can wear a petticoat with the above dresses.

For donning a perfect sexy look of the 50s, try out the Wiggle style. Complete your look by wearing our Betty fitted dress, Lora gloves, and head flower piece.

Sixties- The sixties were significantly different from the previous two decades. This decade saw teenagers introducing some truly daring fashion trends. Before that, young individuals used to follow the footsteps of their parents when picking dresses. The sixties saw the young adults go against their parents and start wearing skimpier and shorter outfits. So, if you plan to dress up someone from the sixties, it would be best you pick a short dress from your wardrobe and couple it up with accessories like a pair of vintage gloves, hat or, handbag. Unlike the previous two decades, sixties was mainly about geometric patterns. So, look for dresses that features blocks of bright colours. You should also pick different kinds of shoes when dressing up like a woman from the sixties; ideally, you should pick low-heeled, square toe shoes.