Recreate The Golden Age of Hollywood With a Seamed Stocking Look

Recreate The Golden Age of Hollywood With a Seamed Stocking Look

`Stockings have often been admired as one of the most glamorous accessories for the 1940s and 50s. Seamed stockings, in particular, have a sophisticated and elegant look that imitated the screen sirens of the Hollywood era. 

This much-loved hosiery item hasn’t been relegated to the history books either, as women across the globe still wear these iconic stockings to recreate vintage-inspired looks. To give you a little insight into their popularity, take a look at the history of these iconic stockings and check out ways you can create beautiful retro-inspired looks with our fabulous collection. 

The history of stockings  

Before the 1940s, stockings were something all women wore, as society deemed bare legs inappropriate in public. However, moving into the forties, stockings emerged as a fashion icon in their own right. 

Soon after their popularity soared, they were quickly removed from the market due to rationing while the war ensued. Once rationing was stopped, sales of hosiery rocketed, and ladies queued for hours to get their hands on stockings and tights. In America, fights aptly named the ‘Nylon Riots’ broke out as demand was so high. 

During the rationing period, standards of dress were still encouraged. So to get a similar look to the fashionable seamed stockings, women would paint dark stripes down the back of their legs to recreate the style. 

Seamed Stocking | 1940s Women

Women Used Gravy Juice to Mimic Nylon Stockings During World War II 

During the 40s, different types of hosiery came into production including smooth, mesh and novelty mesh fabrics. There were also a few shades to choose from including traditional black and other natural skin tones with the option of a sun kissed beige. 

1940s lingerie, stockings advertisement


Nude Seamed Stockings | 1940 & 1950s Style

What Katie Did Nude with Nude Seamed Stockings


Black Seamed Stockings | 1940 & 1950s Style

What Katie Did Nude with Black Seamed Stockings


The glamour of seamed stockings

The most significant appeal of stockings was the glamorous nature of the look they created. For many women, it offered the opportunity to look conservative from the front yet alluring from the back. Although stockings seem to outdate as we headed into modern fashion, they are now making a remarkable comeback paying homage to the golden era of vintage style. 

It’s not just people that love retro fashion either that are adding seamed stockings to their hosiery collection. These fashion accessories are ideal for pairing with cocktail dresses, and party looks. Plus, they look beautiful with swing skirts and sophisticated workwear attire. 


French stocking advertisement, 1950’s

1950s Pencil Skirt Outfit | Weekend Doll

Blue Polka Dot Wiggle Dress | Vintage Hollywood Look | Weekend Doll

Betty Polka Dot Wiggle Dress

Vintage Wedding Guest Swing Dress | 1950s Style | Weekend Doll

Rosa Mint Chiffon Swing Dress


How to recreate a glamorous Hollywood look

If you want to recreate the styles of the Golden era, seamed stockings are the ultimate way to complement your whole look. Check out some of our favourite outfits to inspire your vintage style:

Fun and feminine vibes 

For a fresh and vibrant retro-inspired vibe, styling a full circular dress is the perfect option. To complete your look, all you need is some glamorous black seamed stockings and an elegant pearl necklace, and you’re ready to dance the night away. 


Vintage Hollywood Inspired Outfit | 1950s Swing Dress | Weekend Doll


 Sassy and sophisticated style  

To work these stockings into casual attire or workwear style, team with a fitted pencil skirt or elegant swing skirt for ultimate sophistication. 

Retro 1950s Pencil Skirt Outfit | Weekend Doll

Vintage Lady Winter Outfit | 1950s Style | Weekend Doll


Rock the 40s Blitz look

Naturally, for an authentic 40s look, opting to recreate the icons of the Blitz era is a must. There’s lots of inspiration to bring it life and styling a 40s vintage-inspired tea dress, Cuban heels and a cute knit cardigan is the ideal place to start. Pairing this with seamed stockings or tights and those essential retro-inspired accessories completes this iconic vibe.

Vintage inspired tea dress look for races | Weekend Doll Vintage Inspired Tiki Dress | 1940s & 1950s Style  | Weekend Doll

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