The Iconic A-Line Skirt

The Iconic A-Line Skirt

The A-line skirt is a classic design. The term ‘A-line’ dates back to 1955, when fashion designer Christain Dior crafted the ‘A-Line’ collection. However, this skirt design dates back further and describes any skirt or dress with a hemline wider than the waist. 

A brief history of the A-line skirt

Its popularity during the 1940s made the A-line skirt a common style option in everyday life. Due to war rationing, skirts with frills and ruffles were banned, and designs became simple and practical. Skirts were made with less fabric and limited to a 78’ sweep. The cut made it easy to wear and allowed movement without being too tight. After the war, pleated designs gave skirts a slight swing and cuts then moved towards fuller skirt styles into the 50s. 

The flattering shape of the A-line skirt

The beauty of the A-line skirt is its flattering design. Many women wore this style to emphasise the waist and balance out the shoulders and bust. This cut is still popular today and retains its appeal in both dress and skirt design. The A-line also suits many body shapes with different volumes of skirt, adding more or less emphasis on the curves. 

Our classic A-line skirt details 

1940s Style Classic A line Skirt

We recently added a beautiful A-line skirt to the Weekend Doll collection. After many months of sourcing suitable fabrics and crafting the perfect design details, this piece pays homage to the iconic design of the 1940s. 

Our A-line skirt features include: 

  • Side pocket
  • Elegant knee or over the knee length 
  • Crepe fabric 
  • Natural Corozo button 

The beauty and benefits of crepe fabric 

1940s Vintage Crepe Fabric

Crepe fabric closely resembles the feel and appearance of vintage textiles. Its lightweight construction has a unique rippling texture and drapes beautifully, making it perfect for skirts and dresses. 

Historically, crepe fabric was worn in times of mourning. However, in modern design, it is typically used in high fashion and delicate garments. While crepe is thousands of years old, in some cases, it is still woven in the same way as traditional methods. 

In recent clothing production, the term crepe refers to many different textured fabrics. However, overall, it typically identifies materials using organic and safe methods. 

The benefits of crepe are its beautiful draping, lightweight texture and durability when cared for correctly. It’s also soft and comfortable, making it the perfect addition to casual and formal wardrobes. 


Natural Corozo button detail 

Corozo Button

To complement the vintage texture of crepe fabric, our A-line skirt features a natural Corozo button. 

So what is Corozo? 

Corozo is a natural product and is often referred to as ‘vegetable ivory’ due to its similarities with ivory. This material is made with organic fibres tightly wound together, making it durable and scratch-resistant. Corozo is also porous and allows dyes to penetrate deep into the material. Another element of this product is that every button is unique. The natural grain of Corozo makes it different for every piece, which is the perfect complement to vintage-inspired clothing. 


How to wear an A-line skirt


1940s style classic aline skirt outfit idea

The A-line skirt is a versatile style piece in any wardrobe. To get that vintage look, opt for the classic blouse, skirt and paddle shoe combination. As this cut sits on the waist, it shows off your silhouette beautifully. To emphasise curves, pair with a cute and cropped cardigan for a work to evening wear look. 

The A-line skirt also transitions perfectly to glamorous occasion looks. Just pair with heels, stockings and a dash of red lippy to complete the vintage look. 

1940s Vintage Aline Crepe Burgundy Skirt | Weekend Doll

1940s Style Classic A line Crepe Skirt in Brown | Weekend Doll 1940s Style Classic A line Crepe Skirt in Bold Green | Weekend Doll

Available in sizes 8 to 18 in Burgundy, Brown, Bold Green, Mustard and Navy