Holiday Vintage Wear Tips

People plan and prepare for their holidays, mentally packing their suitcases and planning what to take along. You can boost your holiday vibes with some lovely vintage dresses 1950s pieces.


These vintage-inspired holiday dresses will add a chic and stylish touch to your wardrobe. The fashion industry of the bygone era made some beautiful fashion statements which will help you spice up your vacation with a vintage feel. Here are a few tips for women to help them incorporate the vintage look into their holiday wardrobe.

Everybody loves holidays & waits for it eagerly

1. The 1940s and 1950s saw a diverse fashion era. People tried various dressing styles with unique patterns, prints, and hues. Women wore dresses with unique cuts and colours. You can flaunt these age-old floral, polka dots, check dresses by teaming them with trainers or elegant shoes.

2. High waist retro shorts paired with sailor tops were a hit in the bygone epoch. Women could carry these shorts with side buttons with much ease and comfort. The solid shades or the checked variety of the shorts looked very smart when teamed with striped half sleeved sailor tops.

3. Holidays and beaches go side by side. You can spice up your holiday at a beach by packing a vintage-style swimsuit. Vintage swimsuits are comfortable and stylish. These swimsuits were designed to preserve modesty and came with a skirt effect, full cups, high waist, etc.

These swimsuits were available in polka dots and floral prints, as was the prevalent trend at that time. Solid coloured swimsuits were in trend too. These swimsuits look nice and trendy even today.

1940s and 1950s saw a diverse fashion era

Elegant wiggle dresses can be paired with heels for the evening. Even sequined dresses or jackets are an excellent choice for holiday parties.

Even today, this is a combination which looks nice and is a good outfit for the holidays. This retro look brings in true vintage essence to one’s holiday wardrobe.

Accessories dominated the vintage fashion industry extensively. Bling up your holidays wearing few such accessories like headscarves and earrings. Headscarves were an alternative for skull caps.

Vintage dresses 1950s enhances overall look

These scarves are square silk pieces which could be tied around the head. Printed scarves or plain ones with floral appliques look quite trendy.

Apart from adding to your look, these also protect your hair. Classic vintage earrings, such as hoops, along with the silk scarves will make for some lovely accessories on your holiday.

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