Tea Dresses Vs Party Dresses Vs Evening Dresses

Tea dresses made their advent in the 1870s.  These were semi-formal, long, flowing gowns for ladies which they could wear during afternoon tea sessions. Tea dresses are sleek and stylish dresses with a hemline that falls below the knee and above the ankle. 50 style dress are sophisticated and elegant.

Tea Dresses: 

They are generally made from subtle-coloured, soft fabric to impart a relaxed, informal look. These dresses can also be worn as a semi-formal house dress too. In today’s era, these dresses are available in a number of fabrics, styles, and prints. You can even wear these formally for parties, proms, and dinners with the right accessories.


Party Dresses:

Party dresses hugely differed from the tea gowns. Party dresses were always made of heavier fabrics like Party dresses should only be worn at festive events or big parties.


Such dresses suit the cheerful occasion. Party dresses come in various bold cuts and shades and are not meant to be worn for a leisurely outing or informal gathering.

Party dresses can be chosen depending on the kind of event to be attended. One has the freedom to explore and choose from a beautiful and fabulous range of styles that the era has to offer. In the modern era, party dresses are available in a number of styles and fabrics, even taking inspiration from vintage dresses.

50 Style Dress for Evening :

Evening dresses were a hit in the 60s when they were worn with much elegance and grace. Evening dresses or gowns are a formal attire which are worn to attend formal dinner parties and other formal ceremonies. Beautifully crafted laces dominate these evening gowns, which come in chic hues of classic black and pastels. Some women opt for a sleek glittery waistband to accessorise the gowns while others settle for jackets in shades of nude, bronze, black etc.


As tea-time and small parties are not considered formal enough for evening dresses. Therefore, this evening formal dress code does not comply with all events. It is important to adorn the right outfit for the right event so that it matches the ambience and and you don’t feel out of place.

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