Why Should Bridesmaids Get A Vintage Inspired Dress For A Wedding?

Weddings are beautiful ceremonies which when teamed with the vintage style creates special, memorable moments for the bride and the groom as well as their families. Vintage styled weddings never go out of fashion- the 50s clothing, décor, etc. are all reminders of a bygone era.


Even if the wedding is not a vintage themed wedding, it is a good idea for bridesmaids to get vintage-inspired dresses.

The elegant touch:

The wedding day is the bride’s day, and all the attention should be focussed on her. Vintage dresses on bridesmaid look classy and elegant and yet don’t steal attention away from the bride. Choosing vintage dresses in bright colours, unique cuts, and shimmery fabrics for bridesmaid dresses, highlights the bride elegantly draped in white. Sleek flowing satin gowns with light hues give the wedding a heavenly appearance. Vintage laced dresses are also seen as an option for bridesmaids’ dresses

Defines the silhouette:

Bridesmaids with different body shapes can flaunt their figures if given the right cut of vintage-inspired dresses. A knee-length or a long, beaded dress works well to provide the ultimate vintage look. These types of dresses help create prized silhouettes for unique body types, and also make the bridesmaids look pretty and elegant.

Perk up with floral prints:

Floral prints impart a timeless, vintage looks to any occasion. Floral prints aid in infusing colour to any occasion. You can even choose to mix and match different floral prints with similar hues for your bridesmaids’ dresses, for there to be uniformity and yet, a uniqueness to each dress.

Go retro with Vintage 50s Clothing & accessories:

Like the cuts, style, colour codes and pattern, accessories are also an essential part of the vintage look. Vintage shoes, pearl neckpieces, laced gloves, earrings, etc. add that extra style and glam to the vintage look. You can even make bold and remarkable fashion statements with the use of glittery feathers, and even tiaras.

Today, people are opting more and more for this trendy and classy vintage look for their weddings. 


If the bride wants to stand out, she can opt for bright-coloured vintage dresses for the bridesmaids, and her white gown will stand out in sharp contrast to them. Most people love vintage clothes since they speak of class and elegance, and if you choose vintage dresses for your bridesmaids, they are sure to love them too.

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