Why Are 1940s Dresses So Different To 1950 Despite Being Just 10 Years Apart?

When we speak about vintage clothing, we generally consider the era of the 19th century, after World War II had started. The fashion before that was deeply affected by the European designers, especially that of France. The Americans of that time would refer to the works of these designers for their wealthy clientele. In the 1930’s, fashion was only restricted to Hollywood, and though it was quite glamorous with best 50s style clothing .

The scenario took a significant leap in the 1940’s when the WW2 had begun. The war brought about with it a drastic change in women’s fashion of that time. Men’s fashion was at a halt, until after the war, as most men were serving in uniforms for their countries.


With the advent of WW2, resources started to become scarce, the different materials with which clothes were made, were taken into use for aiding in warfare. Fabric had to be saved, and therefore, clothes became costlier and shorter in length.

These are more casual and close-fitting garments

The fashion was characterized by more casual and close-fitting garments which reflected the scenario where wives maintained not only their household but also the jobs held by their men. Also, home sewing and coupling old pieces of clothing with new ones was a statement at that time. The simple, clean and uncluttered look of the fashion of those times exuded a sense of independence, and feminism got its importance then.

Simple yet elegant

After the ending of WW2, the fashion world yet again witnessed a complete revolution in the 1950’s. The return of men from the war made for a happy time back and thus fashion too evolved after that. In that particular time, women got more power and social rights than that of the pre-world war era, and many of them started to take the lead and participate more in social as well as evolving political activities.

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The fabric used was luxurious and voluminous, the short skirts were replaced by larger ones, the colours chosen were also livelier, attracting the men, and at the same time a lovely change to the environment.


This glorious evolution made a major difference in the dressing sense of women, making the fashion of the 1950’s a complete contrast to that of the 1940’s.

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